One of a kind, the Spas of Emilia Romagna combine the best thermal treatments with the pleasure of tasting the local delicacies which enjoy worldwide fame: from the Prosciutto Parma, to Parmigiano Reggiano; from Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena to Tortellini of Bologna; from the Piadina Romagnola to Formaggio of Fossa cheese, these are just some of the unique tastes which make Emilia Romagna second to none.

Emilia Romagna is the region with the largest number of brands recognized by Europe for excellence in flavour. There are 41 PGI and PDO wine and food specialties which give way to the culture of the cuisine of this territory.

The Spas of Emilia Romagna offer the opportunity for tantalizing tasting tours on the many Vie dei Vini e Sapori (Wine and Food Trails) of the region, in places where food and the ways of producing it retain an authentic value, which is expressed in the innate sense of hospitality of the people of Emilia Romagna. Expect to be offered a glass of wine, a friendly gesture before sitting down to eat.

Wine, the undisputed protagonist of good living in Emilia Romagna! Red, white, sparkling, still, semi-sweet, dry.. A library inside the Regional Wine shop of Emilia Romagna, located in the historic Sforza Castle in Dozza, on the hills south of Bologna, is dedicated to the value of Lambrusco, Sangiovese, Albana – to name the best known vines – and many other local wines. The Wine shop, along with another 19 Food Museums located across the region, is an important cultural reference point to this region’s cuisine.

Indeed, eating and drinking in Emilia Romagna are taken seriously. It is no coincidence that Pellegrino Artusi, the recognized father of Italian cooking, was born here. He inspired the construction of Casa Artusi in Forlimpopoli (his native town), the first Centre of Gastronomic Culture dedicated to Home Cooking; it is also no coincidence that Parma is home to the European Food Safety Authority. Massimo Bottura, ranked the world’s 2nd best chef, in the list put together by the English magazine Restaurant, hails from Modena in Emilia Romagna.

And to find your way among the flavours, festivals and events, seasoned with great humour and hospitality, Wine Food Festival Emilia Romagna proposes a rich calendar of appointments throughout the territory.


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