Wellness Water Experience

The water of the Spas of Emilia Romagna is rich in therapeutic properties which make it a treasure of health, wellness and beauty. The water dates back thousands of years and its benefits have been known and appreciated since ancient times. The health components of this water are easily integrated by the body and the natural properties activate the regenerating processes.

The modern facilities of the Spas of Emilia Romagna make large spa pools at different temperatures with hydro-massage and water games, vascular paths, saunas, steam baths, various types of massage and treatments and many other proposals available to guests to make them feel well and relaxed. 

The staff’s high level of professionalism and consolidated experience in thermal medicine are priorities of the Spas of Emilia Romagna. Here you will find the perfect combination between the culture of tradition and the application of innovative techniques. Your stay will be an experience of wellness thanks also to the high standard of quality of the dedicated and specific welcome, according to individual needs.

The Spas of Emilia Romagna guarantee relaxation and total wellness. A stay at the spas of Emilia Romagna is much more than a holiday, it is a combination of many delightful experiences which satisfy body, mind and spirit.

The Spas of Emilia Romagna are easily reached and convenient to access. They are the only spas able to offer such a variety of nature, culture, excellent cuisine and wellness in one holiday! This is because Emilia Romagna avails itself of a network which offers a rich and variegated choice, beautiful to discover and easy to tailor to one’s needs and pleasures.


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