Terme San Luca

Via Agucchi 4/2, Bologna (BO)
Phone: +39 051 382564

The Terme San Luca are located in the centre of Bologna which is rich in history and culture; it is also home to the oldest university of the Western world. The spas are easily reached by public transport.


Pluricenter, the first large “fitness temple” was opened in Bologna in 1986. Following renovation work in 2008, it also became the spa center “Terme San Luca Pluricenter”, opening its doors to the bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium thermal waters of the basin of the historic Terme Felsinee. The setting combines fitness, wellness and rehabilitation with: a Grand Canyon river at 32°C, cervical hydro-massage; dynamic thermal pool at 32°C with courses; a wellness pool at 37°C; a breathe therapy cave; a Kneipp Oasis; sauna (dry heat at 85/95°C) with Aufguss, cold spraying and ice bath to stimulate circulation; a salted hammam; humid heat at 45/50°C for cleaning bronchioles and skin: a heaven/hell path between hot showers at 32°C and cold buckets at 12°C; jet spa (cold shower) and the well of the brave; a polychrome therapeutic relaxation room, a gym with floor exercise courses and a gym equipped with Technogym machines. The Terme San Luca use thermal waters which are recognized as having a curative role in balneotherapy, inhalation and aerosol therapy. Thanks to the protocols of the mitochondrial ® diet the theme of nutritional alkaline waters are introduced. The Terme San Luca are also open in the evening with the “Notti Azzurre”.


The historic centre of Bologna is a jewel of medieval architecture with its magnificent towers: Garisenda and Asinelli. It is also worth taking a walk along the famous porticoes and visiting the Museum of the History of Bologna. Bologna is rich in sites which reveal its past of city of water, an example is the Nettuno fountain. Today the silk canals, which made Bologna the fist textile centre in Italy and known all over the world for its fabrics, can be travelled by rubber boat.


By car take the A14 BO-TA motorway, the A1 MI-NA motorway in the direction of Bologna and the A13 BO-PD motorway. By train you arrive at the Central Station of Bologna. From here take the BLQ bus in the direction of the airport or in Piazza XX Settembre take the Bus number 13, 79, 81, 86, 87, 91, 95, BLQ: get off at the Pontelungo stop. The city is well served by the airport which is just 5 km away, there is also Airport L. Ridolfi at Forlì 83 km – Airport F. Fellini Rimini 127 km.


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